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How Does Payday Loan Debt Affect My Finances? 

how payday loans affect your finances

Payday Loan Debt Finances – Payday loans are a little like the Mafia in the Godfather movie. Don Corleone implies to the undertaker that wants justice for his daughter; the underground Mafia exists because people can not get fairness and justice from the police. Similarly, Payday loan providers tweet that 400 percent APR is justified … Read more

Common Payday Loan Debt Mistakes & How to Fix Them

common payday loan mistakes

Payday loan debt mistakes – Payday loans can be quick and easy solutions for you if you find yourself in a tight financial spot. The application process only takes minutes and can be approved instantly. In some cases, you can even find yourself leaving the loan center with cash on the same day. Borrowers don’t … Read more

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