National Payday Loan Relief

Payday Loan Debt Consolidation

Questions you ask when you learn what payday loan consolidation is Payday loan debt is a short-term loan that borrowers take out to pay for unexpected and necessary expenses. A borrower may be able to use these loans to cover his or her expenses, but sometimes they will still need to make more payments. When [...]

Payday loan debt protections removed, here’s how to tackle it

Regulators-will-be-removing-Payday-loan-protections-how-educate-how-to-tackle-payday-loan-debt-the-smart-way Payday Loan debt protections - At the beginning of 2019, a little over a year ago, a new director was appointed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a government-funded organization set in place to provide Payday loan debt protection. When the Bureau was put in place, it was meant to protect [...]