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We Have Been Specializing In Eliminating & Settling Payday Loan Debt For Over 29 Years To More Than 3 Million Happy Customers Nation-Wide !

At National Payday Loan Relief, we understand the challenges that debt presents. When our clients first come to us, they are often overwhelmed with payday loans and are struggling to make their payments. But through the guidance and direction of our experienced debt counselors, we help people just like you enjoy a debt-free life.

If you are faced with mounting debt and don’t know where to turn, we encourage you to give us a call. As one of the most reliable debt consolidation companies in the country, we make it easy to get on a plan that works for you so that you can pay off your debt and enjoy true financial freedom

About Us

Who We Are

We have been providing reliable Payday Loan Consolidation services for over 15 years with a proven track record & positive reviews ! Our payday loan relief services speak for itself so you don’t have to look no further. 

Our Customer Service Department is always available to receive any questions you may have regarding your debt settlement process.
We put our clients first in everything!

Our company has profound knowledge in the debt settlement industry, by working with skilled financial attorneys we can tackle any situation professionally & efficiently.

Our experienced negotiators are serious about lowering your debt amount while removing any compound interest you may have; 
Getting positive results on your behalf is our main mission.


Effective & Reliable Service

When you call on the experienced debt specialists at National Payday Loan Relief, you’re getting qualified assistance that walks you through your debt relief every step of the way. We provide you with the tools and resources you need to comfortably pay off your payday loan debt.

Many people who agree to payday loans fail to fully understand the high-interest rates that come with them. And over time, those interest rates continue to accumulate until the borrower is completely overwhelmed with financial burden. It’s an ongoing trap that often feels like there is no end in sight.

That’s where we come in.

At National Payday Loan Relief, we help you establish an effective strategy to get out of the payday loan trap. What’s more, we are backed by accomplished attorneys who fight for you to get your payday loan debt re-negotiated with terms that work in your best interest.

And once we have agreed to an amount that you are happy with, we will start the settlement process to get you out of debt from your payday loan lender.

Ethical Service

When National Payday Loan Relief was founded, our goal was to provide our clients with ethical services while offering expert debt support. That hasn’t changed, as we continue to operate under the belief that every client deserves financial freedom.

We understand that every client is unique, with their own specific set of circumstances that led them to get in debt. As such, our credit counselors work closely with you to help you understand how payday loans work. We also learn all that we can about your current financial situation so that we can provide you with the very best service.

And while it’s true that every state has its own set of rules regarding payday loans, our national reach ensures that we can help everyone in every state enjoy true debt relief. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for truly caring about the people we help.

So no matter which state you’re in, we can assist you in getting out of debt. Our debt specialists are proficient in managing payday loan debt from every state. We are confident that we can provide you with the help you need, no matter where you are.

Covid-19 Resources

The global COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for everyone. Many people suffered job losses and financial instability as a result of the pandemic, with much uncertainty still looming over the nation.

In the wake of COVID-19, we have witnessed a surge in payday loans, the likes of which the United States has never seen. With so many people out of work and wondering where their next meal would come from, many turned to the allure of fast cash from payday loan companies.

While the quick money sounded good at the time, payday loans have left many with increasing financial burdens throughout the nation. Now, while borrowers of payday loans are trying to meet other financial responsibilities, they are overwhelmed with interest rates and can’t see an end in sight.

We know how difficult the pandemic has been on everyone. But we encourage you not to let it make you a victim of the payday loan trap. Contact your trusted advocates at National Payday Loan Relief and speak with a member of our team.

Find out how you can get out from under the oppressive thumb of payday loan debt. With our debt counselors in your corner, we will provide you with essential resources to consolidate your debt and enjoy financial freedom. It all starts with contacting us. We will guide you toward a better future so that you can improve your credit score and work on getting your finances back on track.

Advocating on Behalf of Consumers Since 1999

Twenty-two years ago, National Payday Loan Relief started out as a small company based in Florida. We helped consolidate debt locally while earning the reputation of a debt relief company that cared about its clients.

Since then, we have grown to become the national enterprise that we are today. And rather than strictly serving Florida, we now serve clients in all other states, as well. At National Payday Loan Relief, we are truly passionate about seeing people break free from the chains of payday loans.

When we offer our expert services, we do so with one goal in mind: to help our clients eliminate their payday loan debt. So let us help you reach a debt settlement plan that works for you. Our qualified team of debt counselors will work with you to get you out of your payday loan debt and secure the financial freedom you deserve.

We take the time to help you understand the fundamentals of payday loans. So if you’re ever in a situation where you are considering their services again, you will have the knowledge of how payday loans work, and you can avoid getting stuck with compounding interest and unwanted debt.

On behalf of everyone here at National Payday Loan Relief, we want to take a moment to thank all of our clients for the many years of service that you have allowed us to provide to you. In turn, it has allowed us to provide financial stability and growth to so many wonderful people.

Today, we are helping thousands find freedom from debt. And we vow to continue doing so until everyone in the United States is educated about the dangers of payday loans and how they can break free from them.


About Us Steven Harris


Current President of National Payday Loan ReliefSteven Harris has been in head chair for more than 20 years as expert of financial skill mapping & development of evaluating cause and effect of payday loans and consumer credit trends. PFE Certified Debt Management Professional through the Financial Counseling Association of America while having a degree in Finance & Marketing from The University of Florida. Steven Harris predicts that in this day of age, most people who lose their jobs due to financial struggles, political changes or worldwide events is the reason most people apply to a payday loan without knowing what they’re getting into.

Mr. Harris has implemented his skills by establishing operations in NPDLR like hiring & training financial counselors, effective marketing policies and overall a positive work environment. Mr. Harris experience includes many years of financial analyst which included tax, business and financial for the owners of many big companies in Florida hasThis is why National Payday loan Relief has grown in the past years and has helped so many people get out of payday loan debt which is one of the biggest financial burden that we are all facing today.

About Us Eric Simpor


Director of Finance – Eric Simpor is a PFE Certified Debt Management Professional through the Financial Counseling Association of America. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and postgraduate accounting degree from Sapienza University of Rome.

Current Director of Finance of National payday Loan Relief became director about 4 years ago and has 15 years of financial & administrative functions in the company. Mr. Simpor has extensive knowledge in business management enterprise in the United States & internationally while having a background in a multi-billion dollar fiscal administration & planning which has made NPDLR a productive and efficient debt settlement company by design and implementation of budget  systems infrastructure that handles high rates of growth. This has made a positive impact to the company throughout the years as well as to our customers.

About Us Yanelle Davis


Director Of Education & Corporate Communications – in the past 19 years, Yanelle Davis Has been helping National Payday Loan Relief achieve success by promoting financial literacy and creating educational programs being represented by consumer affairs in the financial sector. Mrs. Davis holds a PFE Certificate Debt Management through the Financial Counseling Association of America, she implements educational tools and courses for NPDLR like polls or surveys to collect data about consumers behavior and financial needs. 

Mrs. Davis’ promotional efforts has made National Payday Loan Relief a striving company and we are very happy to have her on board.

About Us Kimberly Maines


Director Of Counseling & Financial Development – Kimberly Maines has been providing National Payday Loan Relief with 12 years of management and financial development programs which has been very efficient to the company and to our clients. She has been featured in many presentations throughout the country in seminars and workshops which makes her valuable with building relations with other businesses and government entities. 

Ms. Maines is a graduate in The University of Nevada with a major degree of marketing while serving many local and national Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards.

About Us Jasmine Morales


Community & Business Engagement Management – Jasmine Morales has a reputation of financial education knowledge with a PFE Certified finance profession through the Financial Counseling Association and a masters degree in  marketing management in The University of Florida while serving the community coordinating educational & financial programs and non-profits most of her life.

Mrs. Morales provides excellent development in the company applying promotional materials, community outreach & financial programs.

About Us Carlos Halis


Director of Trust Services – Carlos Halis is the key contributor of National Payday Loan Relief, for more than 19 years Mr. Halis has been responsible for upkeep & security maintenance of NPDLR, a very important component for a company. His department is in charge of ensuring every transaction from customer to lender is handles accordingly and professionally. 

Mr. Halis has financial expertise for over 25 years prior to joining National Payday Loan Relief and he has put his skills into action effectively which has helped us long way.

About Us Kimberly Dalton


Director of Customer Service – Mrs.Dawson’s operations include setting up an effective customer service branch while ensuring client support and satisfaction, as well as maintaining creditor relations and compliance and examining financial, credit and debt news & trends. For over 17 years Kim Dawson has been the Director of Customer Services and applying her experience in project management & customer service which has been a very important part of National Payday Loan Relief for the continuation of excellent customer satisfaction and positive ranking. 

We are very grateful to have Mrs.Dawson as a part of our team, her kind heart spreads throughout the company and to our clients too.
About Us Annabel Garcia


Financial Literacy Specialist, Senior Content Creator – While being also PFE Certified Debt Management Professional, Annabel Garcia takes care of the financial literacy & personal finance of National Payday Loan Relief which makes her a valuable asset to our company. Ms. Garcia always has a smile on her face while performing extraordinary tasks to make the company more efficient.


National Payday Loan Relief will align you with a debt relief program in your state to help you. You may be paying 600-700% interest rates charged by your lenders. Our program will work to end the vicious payday cycle you may be in. Get in touch for payday loan help.

We are not lenders, We work to settle and eliminate your debt, here’s how it works:

  • All of your unsecured payday loans will be consolidated into (1) low monthly payment.
  • Your payday debts will then be settled one by one.
  • We work to eliminate or reduce all interest, penalties and fees.
  • Many times your payment will be reduced by over 50%.
  • You will complete the program in a short 3-6 months.
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