How do payday loans affect my finances? 

How do payday loans affect my finances?  Payday loans are a little like the Mafia in the Godfather movie. Don Corleone implies to the undertaker that wants justice for his daughter; the underground Mafia exists because people can not get fairness and justice from the police. Similarly, Payday loan providers tweet that 400 percent [...]

The Payday Loan Trap & How To Get Out Of It!

A Vicious Cycle -The Payday Loan The payday loan trap & how to get out of it. If you’ve ever woken up in the sudden realization that you are flat broke, no money to pay rent, buy food, cover the expense of a broken down car or medical emergency then you are not alone. I [...]

Payday loan help-smart decisions a person can take

Payday loans have been said to be one of the least smart decisions a person can take. The main concept of payday loans is to provide the loaners with a certain sum of money with a very high interest that they are expected to pay off after they receive their next wages. These payday loans [...]