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Consolidate Payday Loan Debt During The Pandemic

Consolidate Payday Loan Debt During The Pandemic

Consolidating Payday Loan Debt 

Consolidate Payday Loans During The Pandemic – Payday loan debt consolidation is the process of rolling up the outstanding amount of your multiple loan debts into a single account. This will help your credit score & your loans again with low-interest rates. Furthermore, when you have different paydays, you can roll up to a straightforward payment to avoid more borrowing rather than to struggle with the payday loan debt cycle.

The outbreak of the corona virus has brought many negative impacts on the economy. Many businesses are being forced to shut down, and workers laid off . While the pandemic has not brought any new loan debt consolidation options, it has increased the usefulness in consumers’ minds of getting rid of loan debt quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. Depending on the method you use for debt consolidation, National Payday Loan Relief can help you with your Payday loan consolidation. Below are the best options to consolidate payday loan debt during the pandemic:

Do-it-Yourself Repayment Plans

It is not technical to consolidate payday loan debt yourself. You need to consider the period you can afford to pay all your loan debts. With monthly expenses such as rents, mortgages, memberships, and subscription bills, which are due to every beginning of the month, it is useful and appropriate for you to choose the debt payment date at half of the month to avoid straining. Inform all your creditors of your changes in loan payment dates. To avoid confusion, you should set up automated payments. There are two types of automated payments; online bill pay or direct debit.

Consider Credit Counseling

Many credit counseling agencies are non-profit making. These agencies advise you on how to repay your loan is therefore essential to look for a reputable credit counselor who can assist you with an aim to consolidating payday loan debt payments and lower your loan interest rates. After getting a credit counselor, you should be able to discuss all your financial objectives, employment, financial state, and monthly incomes and expenses. Dealing with your loan debts at the pandemic situations better off advocating on your behalf. Reputable non-profit making credit counselors’ offers financial plans at no cost. They could help in the following ways;

  • Assist you in identifying ways of adjusting your expenses
  • Helping you in sorting out the types of emergency programs
  • Educates you on the debt management plan.

You need to get credit counseling on loan debts from an appropriate credit counselor.

Debt Shuffles

If automating your monthly payday loan debt does not favor your objectives, you can try the option of shuffling your payday loan debts.
Debt shuffles bring all debts in your multiple accounts into a new single Account. It is the best form of payday loan debt consolidation, but it might give negative impression on your loan debt payments. There are some common forms of debt shuffles to choose from; one is paying your debts with the help of your home equity or moving all your balances into a single credit card. It would be best if you were careful because it is not an ideal form of debt consolidation.

Credit Card Balance Transfers

Credit card companies mostly acquire mailing lists from credit bureaus to look for potential customers. They give you an offer to transfer your balances from all your other credit cards to a new card if you meet their specifications. Their offers always do not carry any interest rates, thus making them attractive, but they do not
guarantee acceptance. If you stop payments in the middle of the process after the offer, they will cancel the offer, and you might end up paying penalty fees.Credit card a balance transfer is the most affordable and convenient solution to your financial issues if you believe the reasons for your payday loan debt. Most credit card companies allow people to use the accepted credit card balance transfer offer to pay off medical bills, car loans, investment loans, collection accounts, other credit card debts, and even some mortgage loans.

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

Home equity loans or lines of credit (HELOCs) provides similar solutions like credit card balance transfers. It requires you to apply for it so as they offer you a new
account through the equity you possess in your home.This means the current value of your home assets. However, home equity loans or lines of credit possesses many dangers to the debtor.If you do not make future payments, the lender has legal rights to auctions all your property.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans are personal loans that are offered through application. You request the lender to assist in paying all your overwhelming payday loan debt then you start making affordable monthly payments to the lender after he or she has cleared your payday loan debt.

Debt Settlement

With debt settlement, you offer your creditors some of your payday loan balance while simultaneously requesting they forgive the remainder of your payday loan debt balance. There are debt settlement companies that will help you settle your payday loan debt. Some risks that are encountered with these debt settlement companies include;

  • Many lenders will not agree with debt settlement companies.
  • Some debt settlement companies do not guarantee all the amount of money.
  • Debt relief companies cannot eliminate all of your payday loan debt.

Debt limitation

Payday loan debt consolidation is the debt management program, but you cannot include all secured debts.

Overall benefits of payday loan consolidation:

  • Combination of multiple payments into the single monthly payment.
  • Reduction in your debts interest rate
  • payday lenders do not access your bank account anymore.
  • No more harassing phone calls from lenders.
  • You get to be debt-free
  • Better control of your finances


With a suitable payday loan consolidation plan, you get your payday loan debt relief. Our debt consolidation program will help you consolidate payday loan debt. National Payday Loan Relief helps our customers in their efforts to consolidate multiple debts.
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