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Escaping Payday Loan Debt in 2020

Escaping Payday Loan Debt in 2020

Payday loans, also referred to as cash advance loans, have become very popular among many Americans. The loans appear to be a quick fix for the need for money made easier by lenders. The money is lent for a maximum of two weeks, but clients can extend their loan period by an additional interest that is very high. Payday loans have made many people lose focus on their finances because the exemplary high interest rates cannot maintain a long-term lending trend. Many people end up having trouble with lenders because of the accumulated amount of money owing.

Understanding the Process

There is always a catch in these loans, which many clients are not aware at first. The truth is that they are costly compared to the other types of facilities obtained from established financial institutions such as banks. Lenders only need to prove that at the end of the month, you will receive a cheque that will be used to pay the loan. This convenience of the payday loans has made it possible for many people to fall into the trap and all their financial freedom vanishes. The best way to ensure that you do not get into financial crises is to evade payday loans as much as possible or look for other avenues that have better terms.

Ready To Tackle Debt?

There are instances where you are already in a bad situation that is rendered by payday loans. It would help if you did not panic as there are various ways to come out of the situation. The best one is to engage a debt consolidation company such as National Payday Loan Relief company that will analyze your situation and come up with the best Payday Loan Debt Consolidation plan through the use of various Payday Loan Debt Relief Programs that will secure your financial freedom through Payday Loan Debt Settlement.

How to get out of payday loans debts

Now that many people are already in the burden of payday loans, the big question is how to escape this burden. There are various ways in which you can move around and get your way out of the situation. There are different regulations in different states that treat payday loans differently. The state of Colorado is trying to implement a measure that can be convenient for these loans’ customers. In some other countries, borrowers give an extended payment plan to deal with the interests that accumulate very fast. The following are some of the methods that can get out of the payday loan burden.

Extended payment plans

This plan is given to the borrowers, allowing them to pay back the payday loans in an extended period different from the original method. The comprehensive payment plan extends the period without an additional fee giving the clients more time to pay the loan without an extra cost. If you borrowed from a lender member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), you might benefit from the EPP. The association best practice allows borrowers to qualify for the EPP with the following conditions
  • You must apply the EPP earlier than the last day of expiry of the loan dates
  • You must sign a new loan agreement for the new terms

Contact State Regulators

Some lenders of the payday loans are very harsh and may not agree to give you an extension of the loan payment time. When this happens, you can seek assistance from your state regulators. The regulators can push for an extension for the loan payment to give you more time to pay the loan. Simultaneously, the regulators may dig deep, and if the lender is not registered, legal action can be taken against them.

Filling a complaint

If the lender refuses to work with you a possible plan to extend your time to offset your loan, you can decide to take legal action against them. You can file a complaint with the regulators or choose to take the case to a national level handled by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The financial regulators will guide on a way forward regarding your payday loan debt settlement from this angle.

Seek an alternative lending source

If you do some exact maths, you will be sure that the payday loan is not an option for a lender. The loan is accompanied by too high interest, which is very unfair to the borrowers; instead of sticking to such expensive loans, where necessary, seek another type of facility that will be more convenient to your situation. The alternative does not mean that your debt is cleared, but the interests and other repayment terms might be better than the payday loans. Many financial institutions are now offering a very flexible and convenient loan compared to the payday loans.

Credit counseling

You may have tried all the options to escape payday loans, including the EPP, which might not be working. When faced with such scenarios, it is the best time to do credit score counseling. The service, as offered by credit agencies, will help you in the management of finances. You will be guided on the strategies of handling the payday loan debts, budget creation, and funds management. The credit agencies will not erase your loans, but they will ensure that you have learned strategies to deal with your situation. There are many credit counseling agencies in the US, and you can benefit from their programs in matters of handling finances.

Debt management plans

Through the counseling agencies, you can get a program of managing debts, which is also available in many financial institutions. The agencies liaise with your lenders, and a agree on a monthly amount that you would be paying for an extended period until your loan is settled. You will be responsible for depositing a prompt monthly amount with the agency to settle your debt. You are urged to refrain from using credit cards during the program to manage your finances better.

Debt settlement programs

These are developed by a profit-making organization to help those struggling with the settlement of their debts. The companies negotiate with your lenders to settle your debts, where you are given a specific amount of figure to be paying monthly until your loan is completely cleared. If you opt for this option, ensure you know the terms and ask as many questions as possible.


Sometimes you must consider the last resort when necessary. This option is not attractive to many people, but it is sometimes the best solution to get out of debt problems. Filling for bankruptcy should be a consideration if the situation has already reached out of your hands. Though the situation also has implications such as being denied any loan facility for almost ten years, it might give you some relief until you restructure yourself.

National Payday Loan Relief

It may be tough to get out of the payday loan situation under normal circumstances but with the assistance of an institution that understands your problems. It might be easier than you think. National Payday Loan Relief access your loan situation and give you a plan that will ultimately regain your financial freedom. The company will ensure that your Payday Loan Debt Consolidation is done custom for you specifically. The payday consolidation involves
  • Reduction of your monthly payments
  • Bring together all your loan to form one facility
  • Low-interest rates

Payday Loan Debt Relief Programs

Many customers have benefited from this program that ensures your Payday Loan Debt Settlement is done very transparently and the most efficient to suit your situation. The program provides that the clients can pay loans in a manner that they can afford through payday loan consolidation by Escaping Payday Loan Debt once and for all!


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