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How Payday Loans Ruin Social Security BeneficiariesHow Payday Loans Ruin Social Security Beneficiaries – Starting the year 2021 we know that we are all living under turbulent times and this only becomes more intense when you think about financial burdens we may be facing as individuals or as a society. What this means is that people are in need of quick cash more than ever, however, this may result in more harm than good because of the potential damaging, costly nature of high cost loans.

Payday loans are typically short term loans that are given out to circumvent the pressures of bills and financial responsibilities between paychecks; they’re used to alleviate some sort of financial burdens individuals may be facing. Many of these types of loans are available for social security beneficiaries; however, payday loans are still high cost loans which means that these loans have negatives as well. In other words, payday loans trap social security beneficiaries and below here are some of the ways in which this occurs.

So the Economy Dictates When

Something else to consider concerning payday loans and really loans in general is that oftentimes the strength of the economy can act as a predictor for loan patterns. For example, let’s say that the American economy is doing well, booming even during these times, historically speaking anyway, loans are at a much lower demand because people are having an easier time making ends meet generally speaking. If this trend is followed the other way, it means that when the economy is struggling and people are having a much harder time making ends meet, it is far more likely that loans are taken out and borrowers can potentially incur more debt during this time. This scenario gets scary when you realize what happened in 2020 with economies, job markets & general suffering.

Simply put people are more likely to take out payday loans during this time and potentially incur loans from lenders. It’s important for potential borrowers such as yourself not to get misled and understand the circumstances surrounding loans at this time. In 2010 during the recession, SSI beneficiaries relied on payday loans to make ends meet when checks weren’t as consistent and the economy was stumbling and as a result incurred debt that made circumstances worse than before. Knowledge of how these loans operate is the best way to protect yourself from falling into the trap of payday loan debt.

APR Can Be Tricky

As mentioned before, payday loans are short term loans that are usually for smaller amounts somewhere around $300 to $500 with fees falling between $10 to $30 for every $100 dollar borrowed; however, APR makes this amount which may seem minuscule at first much harsher down the line. Regardless of the circumstances, payday loans are taken out during a period where money is needed meaning that no matter how small the interest or the amount may be, the borrower will need time to pay the loan back. Payday loans typically can have APRs, annual percentage rates, that are excessively high with some being as high as 400%. If you were to take out a payday loan for $300 with an APR that was this high, that could soon become some major financial burden and it would become near impossible to settle your payday loan debt. Because it’s recommended to pay these loans back as quickly as possible, here’s a simple scenario of how payday loans trap social security beneficiaries.

  • You borrow a payday loan of $300
  • If you can pay it back by two weeks time, you pay it back in full and no debt is incurred.
  • When the next gap in your income arrives, you can’t pay when the time comes.
  • You may have to take out another loan to deal with the interest that has accumulated.

This aforementioned cycle becomes consistent and pretty soon the conveniences of payday loans are overshadowed by the cons of harsh debt. What this means is that payday loans trap social security beneficiaries by preying on borrowers that may need multiple loans throughout the year. These sorts of loans are high cost loans because the more that you take out the more likely it is that you’ll be trapped in a cycle of debt meaning that soon enough that initial $300 you borrowed will end up costing you far more down the line. It’s important that borrowers know however that National Payday Loan Relief has fixes to any problems that arise when using payday loans.

What is National Payday Loan Relief?

To put it simply, National Payday Loan Relief is a company that offers a variety of tools to help you settle your payday loan debt quick & flexible. Through means such as payday loan debt consolidation, this company promises to meet a variety of goals for you such as:

  • Minimizing monthly payments of payday loans.
  • Working to handle a multitude of payday loans that may have accumulated into overwhelming debt.
  • Lowering your interest rate(s) and finding ways to terminate debt by handling late and over limit fees that may have accumulated.
  • Finding legal means to better your circumstances with lenders.
  • Using payday loan debt consolidation to alleviate financial burdens

Let’s take a step back for a moment and comprehend exactly what some of this really means. Debt consolidation is the practice of using another loan to pay back other loans that have accumulated. It’s a means of refinancing that provides borrowers with some agency and in the end, results in an overall lower interest rate or rates. This company uses payday loan consolidation in order to meet the goals stated above. Think of debt consolidation as a scenario where all of your loans that you’ve accumulated are combined into one package and you end up only paying a monthly payment for that one loan. This is specifically how your debt becomes far more manageable to handle while lowering the interest rate of the loan and even the payment amount that you may be struggling to keep up with as a whole.

So Here’s The Deal Folks

People are in for tough times and quick cash is seemingly a quick fix to a lot of problems that we’re facing during this year; however, it’s important that you remember that all that glitters is not gold and that if you’re not careful, you may end up in a financially stringent situation; however, should you ever end up in such a situation, it’s equally important that you understand that there is indeed a light at the end of the long tunnel. This company offers consistent, reliable services that are all about repairing your credit, settling your payday loan debt and getting lenders off of your back; they’re providing customers with an opportunity to breath and reevaluate a new plan. Knowledge is the best tool against people trying to take advantage of each other and that’s yet another service that National Payday Loan Relief is happy to provide for customers in need. If you need to understand the ins-and-outs of debt consolidation or payday loans, the company is more than happy to provide that service as well. In these hard times, it’s important that you receive every tool needed for your own prosperity and the prosperity for your families.



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