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Our Process

The initial consultation with our debt counselors will determine your qualifications for our Debt Settlement program. While we want to help everyone, there are circumstances that need to exist which make you a qualified candidate for our payday loan consolidation program. For example, you must be facing a financial hardship. Our debt counselors can help evaluate your qualification for the program during a brief consultation.

Our aim is to set a comfortable monthly payment for you so that you can successfully complete the program. Your counselor will make sure that the payments fits into your budget and that you fully understand the details of the process we use to get you out of debt. At this point you have to decide whether it is something which will benefit you and your family.

Debt Settlement

Program Highlights

At National Payday Loan our management team has years of experience in the debt settlement business. We have put that experience toward creating a unique and powerful payday loan debt relief program designed to quickly and effectively free our clients of their burdensome debt, while at the same time keeping them protected from any legal repercussions that may occur.

Integrity in all we do.

If you have multiple outstanding payday loans, you owe it to yourself to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation with one of our Debt Consultants today at 1-888-407-4521 or click the button below and fill out the form.

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