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Are you drowning in debt from your payday loans but are unsure as to how to get your head above water? The best way to consolidate payday loan debt is by speaking with an accredited payday loan consolidation company.

Why an accredited company?

Because your finances deserve a company you can trust.

What Is Better Business Bureau Accreditation?

Becoming accredited by the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB is one of the major steps that any company can take to help instill confidence in their customers. This confidence comes from knowing that the Better Business Bureau has vetted the business for ethical integrity.

Why Does Accreditation Matter?

One of the primary requirements for becoming Better Business Bureau accredited is to demonstrate a record of making good-faith efforts to resolve any customer complaints. The application to become accredited does cost a fee, as does the continuous monitoring for compliance.

Becoming accredited by the Better Business Bureau requires that the business meets several criteria that separate mediocre organizations from excellent ones. If an accredited business is suddenly unable to continue meeting the necessary criteria the accreditation is rescinded.

What Is Needed To Become Accredited?

  • Build Trust

To be eligible for and maintain Better Business Bureau accreditation, a business must be able to demonstrate an existing record of being active in the marketplace for a minimum of 6 months and be fully licensed and permitted where required.

The business must not currently be under any government action that is a result of a failure on a significant level to adhere to ethical business practices. Any potential violations are investigated by the BBB on a case-by-case basis.

  • Be Honest In Advertising

When the company advertises, it must only engage in ethically sound and legal advertising practices. If issues are raised, they must agree to work with the Better Business Bureau to fix or discontinue the advertising in question. Businesses using the Better Business Bureau logo and claiming to be accredited may only do so if it is true.

  • Be Truthful In Disclosures

When representing their services, the company must be honest and clear, including all disclosures where required. When communicating with the customer, the business should be clear and include any facts relevant to the disclosures.

  • Transparency

Not only the location, nature, and executive ownership of the business should be readily available, but all of the potential facts that will affect a customer’s decision to buy the product or use the service.

This will include a responsibility of the business to openly and transparently provide:

  • Contact information
  • Return or refund process
  • Recurring financial commitments of the customer
  • Full disclosure of all costs, fees, and taxes associated with the product
  • Receipt summarizing all of the customer’s purchase information.
  • Keep Your Promises

When the business agrees to commitments, enters into contracts, or allows representations, the business is expected to adhere to and fulfill them.

  • Respond Attentively

When receiving customer complaints forwarded to the business by the Better Business Bureau they should be addressed quickly. They require the complaint to be addressed professionally, to address the concerns raised, and to explain their decision on the matter.

When mediation or arbitration results in any settlements, decisions, or other agreements, the business is expected to honor them and to cooperate with the Better Business Bureau to remediate any continued patterns of customer dissatisfaction.

  • Safeguard Privacy

It is the duty of the Better Business Bureau accredited business to effectively protect and safeguard all data against unauthorized disclosure, theft, fraud, and sale. Information should only be collected as needed and handled appropriately.

When personal information is collected, a notice of disclosure must be given to the customer and it must show how the business will use and store the information. This includes detailed what information is to be collected, how it will be used by the business, who they intend to share it with or disclose it to, and how it will be secured.

There must also be measures in place to ensure it can be corrected when and if needed. There must also be a plan for how changes in information policy will be communicated to those affected, and how to raise concerns for misuse of data.

  • Embody Integrity

In all business dealings, commitments, and transactions with the appropriate integrity and good faith. This extends to any involvement either direct or indirect that may reflect unfavorably on the Better Business Bureau as a result. Not just the BBB, but its public image and any entity associated with it as well.

According to a 2016 research conducted by the Center for Financial Services Innovation, consumers spent $6.1 billion dollars on loan installments.
Payday consolidation companies experience high demand all year round. Despite the government’s efforts to regulate creditors, you may come across seedy online-based payday loan consolidation companies. Fortunately, you can count on our review to guide you to legitimate payday debt consolidation companies in or near your city.
If you’ve never used a payday consolidation company, pay attention to the accredited companies listed below.

National Payday Loan Relief

The professionals at National Payday Loan Relief in Oakland Park, Florida carefully review the details of your financial situation and help find a debt consolidation plan that is affordable and will work for you. Each client is assigned a financial consultant to personally help to keep you accountable. They provide the client with financial education to help teach them better financial habits, as well as reminding the clients of their payments, to ensure their monthly loan installments are paid on time.

Freedom Debt Relief

Residents of Portland, Oregon can visit Freedom Debt Relief for all of their debt consolidation needs. They are a certified member of the American Fair Credit Council and they have an A+ rating. Freedom Debt Relief is a popular choice amongst customers because they don’t charge huge interest rates.

Their online monthly installment calculator is a free tool that allows you to put in the loan amount and how far past the payment deadline you are. After filling out this information, you’ll get a credit in your email.

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

This Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based debt consolidation company is one of the best around. They have received positive attention from USA Today, CNN, Forbes, and MSNBC. Additionally, they have received an A+ rating.

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services has a free debt analyzer tool available on their website, which helps you compare prices. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services is one of the original leaders in the debt consolidation industry and has been in business since 1998.

Accredited Debt Relief

Since 2003, Accredited Debt Relief has assisted more than 100,000 clients to eliminate their outstanding payday loans. This San Diego, California-based company has a free debt analyzer tool that customers can access online.

They also have reviews from more than 700 clients on Trustpilot, giving them a 5-star rating. Accredited Debt Relief is also a member of the American Fair Credit Council as well as being accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Lending Club

Offering debt consolidation loans varying from $1,000 and $40,000, Lending Club is a great option for those that need help with debt relief. Based in San Francisco, California, Lending Club has stricter guidelines than some of the other debt consolidation companies around.

Their peer-to-peer lending model requires tighter security. All applicants are required to have at least a credit score of 660. Their policies help make them a popular choice, as Lending Club has the highest ratings out of the debt consolidation companies around.

New Era Debt Solutions

New Era Debt Solutions has helped its clients clear up more than $200,000,000 worth of outstanding debt since they were founded in 1999.

They have a total of 17 branches across the United State, including in New York, Alabama, California, and Florida. The main office in Camarillo, California offers free consultations, while you can also get a free quote for their payday loan consolidation services online via email.

National Debt Relief

Since 2009, National Debt Relief has been offering payday loan consolidation programs to their customers to help decrease their debt and improve their credit. In order to sign up for these services, you simply call the toll-free number to get connected with one of their debt relief professionals.

National Debt Relief provides all visitors to their NYC location with a free ebook that has valuable information, covering how to choose a payday consolidation company. To learn more about how we can help you get a debt-free fresh start, contact us today.

Advantages of accredited payday loan consolidation companies

1. Honest reviews

It promotes a strong culture of honesty by basing the rating criteria on 13 factors. The reviews posted on aren’t biased in favor of any payday debt consolidation company.

2. Presence of physical headquarters

The government requires payday consolidation companies to have offices and active landline telephones. assess a business’ level of compliance with industry policies when awarding ratings. This is why you’ll easily find the payday loan consolidation company’s phone number and physical address on.

Final thoughts

Choosing to settle your outstanding payday loan through an accredited debt consolidation company will save you from paying expensive fines. The fact that accredited companies have years of experience in negotiation with payday lenders provides clients with the assurance of a short and peaceful loan repayment periods. Do you have a friend who’s enduring a lot of stress due to a nagging payday loan lender? Help them get legitimate payday loan consolidation services by sharing this article with them.

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