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Payday Loan Consolidation

How Can We Help You to Consolidate Your Payday Loan?

What is Payday Loan Consolidation? Are you anxious about your pending payday loan due to rapidly increasing bills?

While you can’t end up in jail due to defaulting on your payday loan, it can adversely affect your credit rating. In addition, the payday loan defaulter ends up incurring high penalty fees. If you’re currently paying several debts and looking for a realistic and affordable solution to clearing your payday loan, sign up for a payday consolidation program.

Payday loan consolidation 101

This is whereby a debt consolidation company takes over the responsibility of clearing an outstanding payday loan consolidation on behalf of a client. Signing up for a payday loan consolidation program is free of charge. A payday debt consolidation program can help you clear more than one loan simultaneously

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1- Consultation

2- Reaching Out To The Lender

3- Implementing A Monthly Payment Plan

4- Follow-Ups

Here Are Details On How Payday Debt Consolidation Program Work

1. Consultation

You’ll receive a personal financial consultant after signing up for a payday loan consolidation program. The financial consultant collects vital financial information such as the payday loan’s interests, conditions of payments, client’s income, and monthly bills. He or she will also note whether you offered any collateral when taking the payday loan.

  1. Reaching out to the lender

After the consultation stage, your debt consultation company introduces themselves to your payday loan lender. This means that they take over all debt-related communication between you and your payday loan lender. Your debt consolidation consultant will explain your financial hurdles to your payday loan lender and persuade them to waive off all penalties.

  1. Implementing a monthly payment plan

After successful negotiations, your payday loan consultant will meet with you and create a monthly debt repayment plan. You’ll come up with monthly debt repayment installments based on your income, the number of pending payday loans, and lending interests. Adhering to this payday debt repayment plan will keep your lenders’ hands out of your bank account.

A payday loan lender may decide to revoke the newly negotiated debt repayment terms if their debtor defaults on the monthly installments.

  1. Follow-ups

Your payday loan debt consultant will call you and request for regular appointments in order to keep track of your progress. Remember, your payday lender would have sued you, but instead, they offered you a second chance by agreeing to a payday loan consolidation program. The terms of a payday debt consolidation program are so friendly that your debt consolidation consultant trusts you to make the commitments without requiring supervision.

Paying your payday loan debt monthly installments on time improves your credit score gradually. After clearing your outstanding payday loan, you won’t have major challenges when applying for a new mortgage or loan.

Are there any requirements for signing up for a payday loan consolidation program?

  1. Proof of monthly income

The aim of the debt consolidation program is to help clients clear off their outstanding payday debts. In order to meet your outstanding payday debt monthly installments, you need a source of income. During the consultation stage, your financial consultant will require you to produce recent paychecks from your current employer. If you recently switched to self-employment, you can provide recent audited financial statements to confirm proof of income.

A payday debt loan consolidation program can take 6-24 months. You’ll need to convince your debt consultant of your commitment by having a long-term source of income e.g. a permanent job.

  1. An outstanding minimum debt balance of $10,000 dollars

A payday debt consolidation program works best for large outstanding debts. No lender will agree to waive off pending penalties owed by the defaulter if the pending debt is just a few thousands of dollars. When a lender agrees to your payday loan program, they still make significant profits from your monthly debt installment payments.

The debt consolidation company also earns a share from the monthly installments you pay. The higher the monthly debt repayment installment, the more the loan consolidation company makes.

  1. Proof of residence or business premises

Payday debt consolidation consultants will visit your home or business premises when performing due diligence. It also helps them to locate you easily if you can’t make it to their offices due to an illness. If you’re about to relocate to a new city, you should inform your debt consultant before signing the payday loan consolidation forms.

If you belong to a residential committee, request a few members to meet your loan consolidation officer and vouch for you.

  1. Collateral

Most payday loan consolidation programs require clients to provide collateral assets. Since the debt consolidation company is taking heat off your back, you’ll need to reciprocate by showing goodwill. Debt consolidation companies determine the minimum collateral value based on the outstanding payday loan amount, interest rates, and your credit score.

During the consultation, your financial consultant calculates your net worth by evaluating your house, business, monthly income, and any company shares. This enables them to decide which assets you may need to sell off in order to repay your outstanding payday loan.

6 reasons why debt consolidation companies discontinue payday loan consolidation programs

  1. Intentionally providing false information

Providing false information to payday lending institutions when applying for credit can get you a long prison sentence. Debt consolidation companies enforce this law by requiring clients to sign a declaration of honesty on payday loan application forms. An offender also risks appearing on various credit reference institutions’ blacklists.

Some applicants try to get lesser debt monthly installment payments by understating their monthly income. It is wrong to conceal some of your personal assets from your loan consolidation officer.

  1. Loss of income

One can lose their monthly payday due to retrenchment. A bad break in the economy may force you to shut down your business indefinitely. If the client had only one source of income, he or she will not be in a position to honor the remaining outstanding payday debt installments.

A payday loan consolidation officer evaluates what personal assets their client needs to sell. If the client’s assets are too little to offset the remaining balance, the lender gets out of the debt consolidation program.

  1. Applying for a non-approved loan

A payday loan consolidation program prevents the defaulter from applying for other loans until payment completion. Attempting to apply for a different loan discreetly can worsen your credit rating because it’s a strong indicator of non-commitment to previous loan repayments. In addition, the guilty defaulter can get a prison sentence for misleading the new creditor by providing false credit history.

If you’re a payday loan defaulter whose feeling financially overwhelmed, you should get in touch with your debt consultant. They will enable you to pay lesser monthly installments by re-negotiating for an extended loan repayment period.

  1. Refusing to honor monthly installments

It’s not unusual for some people to sign up for a payday loan consolidation program then disappear within a short time. Your payday loan financial consultant is entitled to request for your financial statement directly from the bank. This enables them to confirm whether your payday loan repayments are up to date.

Some payday debt consolidation companies nullify the payment agreement when a client doesn’t submit debt repayment installments for 3 consecutive months without offering any explanation.

  1. Relocating without informing your debt consolidation officer

The physical address clients provide enable payday debt consolidation officers to locate them for consultations and payment follow-ups. It also provides some form of assurance of the defaulter’s commitment towards offsetting their pending payday loans.

High-risk defaulters usually flee to other states in order to avoid paying back outstanding loans. You can still relocate to greener pastures if you notify your debt consolidation officer in advance. Ensure you provide him with details on your new residence and employer or business premises.

  1. Attempting to change your names through legal means

Why do lenders forbid defaulters from legally changing their names during the repayment period? Because it makes it quite hard for them to track down the defaulters in case one relocates to a different state. A payday loan defaulter who’s successfully changed their government names can easily relocate to a new city, open a new bank account, and renege on the payday consolidation agreement.

4 Tips you can use to find an ideal payday loan consolidation program

  1. Find a previous client of the debt consolidation company you’re about to choose

The only reliable way you can verify if the debt consolidation company really cares about its customers’ interests is by hearing personal experiences. You’ll get to know how helpful the financial consultants are in enabling you to offset your payday debt. A past or current customer will tell you if there are any hidden fees or unpleasant contract conditions inside their payday loan consolidation repayment plan.

Friends or relatives who’ve ever signed up for a payday debt consolidation program will refer you to the right company. You can visit the debt consolidation company’s Facebook page and contact previous clients who’ve posted reviews.

  1. Request for a free financial consultation session

A debt consolidation company that truly has the customers’ interests at heart encourages potential clients to book free consultation sessions. You’ll come across seasoned financial coaches who have impressive academic backgrounds and wealth portfolios to validate their status.

You can determine the quality of financial advice offered by a debt consolidation company by reading a handful of articles posted on the blog. If you come across valuable financial advice, ensure you book a free financial consultation session.

  1. Compare overall costs

It’s advisable to visit several loan consolidation companies within and near your city to compare fees. You may also benefit from extra services after you clear your outstanding payday loan. For instance, the debt consolidation company can offer you discounted financial consultation fees.

  1. Check the company’s ratings on Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an independent non-profit organization that enables people to find credible reviews of online stores and conventional businesses globally. When choosing an ideal loan consolidation company from a list of options, it’s advisable to use Better Business Bureau to compare trustworthiness.

What are the advantages of signing up for a payday loan consolidation program?

  • No more terrifying phone calls from your creditor

Imagine yourself getting ready for a marketing presentation. Then, you receive an abrupt phone call from your payday loan lender informing you that they’re ready to take legal action against you. This news will definitely make you lose focus on delivering an effective marketing presentation to your potential clients.

Joining a payday consolidation program relieves you of all the mental stress associated with creditors’ phone calls. Your debt consolidation officer will take over all communication until you complete paying the required monthly installments.

  • Regain control over your monthly income

Some payday loan lenders recover payments by deducting 30-40 percent off their debtors’ paychecks. While this helps a creditor to clear the loan within a short time, he or she experiences financial strain. The amount of money remained after making a monthly payment could be too little to sustain the creditor’s day-to-day lifestyle.

A debt consolidation officer will minimize the anticipated financial strain by negotiating for lower repayments. This ensures that you honor your monthly loan installments and still pay your mortgage on time.

  • Gain valuable personalized financial advice

During the loan repayment period, you’ll have regular appointments with your assigned financial consultant. This duration enables your professional debt consultant to identify all the financial mistakes you’re making that caused you to fall behind on repaying the pending payday loan.

A good financial loan consultant will also guide you on how to increase your monthly income by suggesting ideal short and long-term investments. You’ll learn how to avoid debt in future by learning how to limit your spending.

  • Harmonize your loans’ interest rates

One can take more than one payday loan at a time. However, this is a risky decision, especially when paying two loans with different interest rates. One can end up focusing more on the higher-interest debt and lose sight of the second loan.

When you join a payday loan consolidation program, your loan consultant will standardize the different monthly debt installments you’re supposed to pay.

Final thoughts

A payday loan consolidation program provides a realistic solution to meeting the lender’s monthly payments. However, one shouldn’t apply for numerous payday loans in order to take advantage of the payday consolidation program’s low monthly installments and lengthy repayment durations. It’s advisable to consult your financial advisor before applying for a payday debt.

Before signing up for a payday loan consolidation program, you need to confirm whether the institution is registered with the relevant financial authority. Unscrupulous payday loan consultants tend to take advantage of the victim’s debt by charging expensive monthly payments. Remember to contact your debt consultant in case you’re unable to meet the required payday monthly installments on time.

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