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Ways To Improve Your Credit Score In 2020

Ways To Improve Your Credit Score In 2020
Ways To Improve Your Credit Score In 2020

Improve Your Credit Score In 2020

Having a good credit score is almost essential when it comes to making major purchases. If you are buying a home, car or major home appliance, a good credit score is a must in order to finance these purchases. Unfortunately there are millions of people struggling to maintain a decent credit score. According to VantageScore nearly thirty percent of Americans have a bad credit score (lower than 601). Despite these number there is hope. There are several things that can be done to improve your credit score.

The Beginning

A big first step to take when trying to improve your credit score is to consolidate debt. One of your goals should be to reduce your credit utilization to 30% or less. This will see your score bump up quickly. This should be one of your goals with consolidation. Once consolidation is complete the goal should be to make monthly payments on time going forward. This will insure your score continues to go up. If you consolidate debt it can allow you to eliminate balances. If those accounts remain open your available credit will go up which improves your credit score. This process can also allow your to diversify your lending portfolio. This might include taking a personal loan instead of just having a credit card. Having a diverse credit makeup is also an essential step to raising a credit score.

Analyze Your Situation

Before you can raise your credit score, you have to know where you stand. One of the first steps people recommend taking is to get a copy of your full credit report. Each person is entitled to one free credit report every calendar year. An easy way to do this is through the website Each time you get a credit report you should go over it with a fine tooth comb. Check for any possible mistakes. If you find any you should dispute them immediately. Knowing what is on your credit report is a major step in improving your credit score.

If you want to have good credit you have to understand what makes up your score. Perhaps the biggest part of your score is the payment history. Thirty-five percent of your credit score is the result of your payment history. 2020 is year make sure you make your payments on time. Choosing to settle all your debt may be a necessary step to improving your credit score. It’s important to keep in mind that collections on your credit report can lower your score. Calling up a company and offering them a settlement is a good idea. After you have an agreement you can even ask if it can not be reported as a collection. Even if they deny you, if you settle all your debt it is better than being sued. Find a way to take care of these debts as quickly as possible. It will ultimately improve your credit score.

The Different Types of Debt

Depending on which type of debt you have, it will affect your credit score one way or another. Debt in everywhere in forms of credit cards, Financial Aid, Payday Loans & Mortgages. these types of debt can drag you down to debt enslavement if you are not strategic with it. If you need assistance with people specialized in this field, here are some reliable companies to wrk with nation-wide !

Credit Card Debt

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Financial Aid

If you’re a student & suffer with making your monthly payments, specially your financial aid payments, you can learn how to ease your aid & be more financially independent with paying off your Financial Aid.


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Keep The Ball Rolling

If you want to keep your credit score in good standing, keep an eye on the credit cards you already have. Your credit card balances need to stay close to 30% in order to keep your credit score in good standing. This is known as credit utilization. Consumers with the highest scores keep their credit utilization between five and ten percent. Make sure to check your account so that you understand what your limit is and how much credit you are using.

Having a diverse credit portfolio is important when focusing on your credit. Ten percent of your credit score comes from new credit. As a result you need to very careful when opening and applying for new credit. Every single credit application you complete will result in a slight hit to your score. This is known as a hard inquiry. If you have too many of these little hits it can result in a huge deduction in your score. Fortunately the system is set up to not hurt consumers when they take out multiple loan inquires. If you are applying for both a home loan and a car loan these will be viewed at one. Ultimately if you are trying to improve your credit you will need to make sure that you occasionally are adding new credit to your overall profile.

Improve Your Credit Score Today

Credit is a complex system. While new credit is important so is old credit. Fifteen percent of your score is a result of the length or history of your credit accounts. The age of your oldest accounts is very important. For this reason many financial experts recommend not closing accounts when your pay the balance off. Doing so can actually hurt your credit because you are taking away an account that has history. For this reason be careful about closing accounts that you don’t use much. A positive, long history can result in more points. Perhaps the only exception to this is if the card charges some sort of annual fee. It may not be worth your while to hold on to such cards especially if the fee is high. As you continue to do the things mention in this article your score will go up. This will make you more likely to be approved for cards that do no have such fees.

Finally you want to make sure you have a nice credit mix. This will make up another fifteen percent of your score. Credit mix refers to the types of accounts you have. People who are lending you money typically want to see a variety of accounts including both revolving credit and installment payments. So if you only have credit cards (revolving credit) your credit profile will not be as appealing as someone who also has a furniture loan or a monthly mortgage(installment payments).

The journey to good credit can seem long. Having a good credit score involves looking at several different factors. It also requires time and patience to improve each of these factors. 2020 is a great time to begin working on your credit. With dedication, hard work and focus this can easily be the year you earn a great score!



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