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Why Choose Us | National Payday Loan Relief – We specializes in helping consumers get free from the burden of payday loan debt. We are well known for our Payday Loan Relief Program which will consolidate & settle payday loans. Our Payday Loan Consolidation BBB Accredited local attorney provide you legal security. 

Many companies try to help clients with all of their debt rather than becoming the best in their industry. Our firm solely specializes and focuses on you with a payday loan debt consolidation program to help with payday loans settlement.

Once you’ve decided to get free of payday debt, choosing how to do so can be an uncertain experience.

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What Are Payday Loans?

These are small amount, short-term loans which are due on your next payday. Often, they are marketed as worthwhile between paychecks. However, they come with interests that translate to very high APRs (Annual percentage rates). For example, an ordinary fourteen-day payday loan charging a $15-per-$100 borrowed amount is equivalent to an APR of almost 400%.

Payday loans damage your credit rating but never boost it. The reason, payday loans are not accounted for with credit bureaus, meaning they will not boost your credit even after repaying. However, defaulting leads to the lender sending your account to collections, appearing on your credit report, and messing your credit scores.  A very minimal percentage of borrowers afford to settle their debts. The high cost of the loan makes it unmanageable for many borrowers. The National Payday Loan Relief helps you in your payday loan settlement. We offer you a new loan with manageable rates that returns your finances on track.

Why Choose Us?

At National Payday Loan Relief, we specialize in helping consumers break the chain of payday loan debts. We are highly specialized in consolidating & settling payday loans. Our payday loan relief program provides you financial guidance & legal security. Our sole role is to help you access the best payday loan consolidation program to help you resettle all your payday loans.

Why choose our payday loan relief program? We take pride in offering the best loan elimination option for customers struggling with payday loans and help them attain financial freedom. Why choose us? Let’s be your priority because of our excellent services! 

We Pride Ourselves In Providing The Best Payday Loan Relief Option For Individuals Struggling With Debt & Are Looking For A Strategic Partner To Help Them Achieve Financial Freedom.


We have been working in the debt settlement business for over 5 years. You can Trust our work.

Legal Protection

A local attorney represent you without additional legal costs. No other company provides this legal blanket.


Our Customer Service Department is always available to our clients. So call now and get your Free Consultation.


Our company was founded by veterans of the debt settlement industry and out attorneys have negotiated millions in debt over the last 12 years.


Our hundreds of satisfied clients speak for our effectiveness. Get a free Consultation and see for yourself.


Experienced Attorneys negotiate your debt, Other companies employ clerks to speak to your lenders; we are serious about getting results.

Why Choose National Payday Loan Relief

If you have taken a payday loan that charges sky-high fees, repaying the loan can feel overwhelming. A payday loan sometimes tends to be inconvenient because, more often, as a borrower, you can be caged in a cycle of debt. Most payday loans are rolled over into new loans because the borrower couldn’t afford to pay off the loan on time.

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Payday loan relief and consolidation are within reach. National Payday Loan Relief lets you take a new loan, usually with a lesser interest rate and a standard monthly payment that you repay over time.

Why Choose Us For Payday Loan Consolidation?

Payday Loan Consolidation will allow you to take a loan with comparatively lower interest rates and use the loan to settle your high-interest loans. Then, you will repay the consolidation loan for some time. The monthly payment option is manageable compared to payday loans. That’s because consolidation loans have lower interest rates and a longer repayment period, mostly up to 84 months rather than within 14 days.

Benefits Of Our Payday Loan Relief Program

Why choose us for payday loan consolidation? Unlike payday loans, our debt consolidation loan repayment is reported to credit bureaus. Timely payment means an improvement in your credit score. If payday loan assistance, a consolidation loan helps you put your finances straight. Our payday loan debt consolidation has much to offer:

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Lower Fees

A variety of personal loans come with an original fee of around 1 – 5 % of the initial loan amount. But you can be eligible for a loan without an upfront charge.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Consolidation loans are paid within 12 to 84 months, unlike payday loans that are repaid by your next payday.

Requires Credit Check

Although it sound like a downside, we want to ensure that you can repay the loan monthly before signing for the relief program to verify your income source and go through your credit reports. 

No Rollovers

Once you clear the loan, that is it. Your account is shut down and the loan indicated as paid off. In case you still need more money, you must apply for a new loan.

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We have been in the debt settlement industry for more than five years. You can always trust our services.


Our debt collection company was founded with veterans and works with the best attorneys.


We have experienced attorneys that will negotiate your debt.


Thousands of our satisfied customers are always praising our superb work.


Our customer service is always ready to assist our customers

Downsides Of Payday Loan Debt Relief?

Payday loan relief sounds great. However, it would help if you put this in mind before applying:

  1. You may not be eligible for a low-interest rate – The loan interest rates scale from about 4 to 36 percent, according to your creditworthiness. Bad credit means a higher rate.
  2. You may still default on the payments – Despite making timely monthly payments, job loss, or any other snag might throw you in a mess again. Missed or late payments damage your credit score. We might also send your account to collections.

Alternatives To Payday Loan Relief Program

In case payday loan consolidation isn’t your best solution, consider the following alternatives:

  • Enter a debt management plan You will work with credit counselors who will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf for better loan terms.
  • Request for repayment period extension – An extension will help because you will have more time to look for the full loan amount even past your next paycheck.
  • File for bankruptcy – Bankruptcy is a legal process to help you discharge part of your whole debt. The process is very strict, and you might be required to sell some assets to settle your debt.

The move is usually the last resort because of its major consequences like credit damage. Consult an attorney before pulling this move.

Why Choose Us For Payday Loan Debt Settlement?

We negotiate with creditors to lower your debt amount; We recommend debt settlement if you are struggling with unsecured debts while conducting a soft credit pull to verify your creditors and the outstanding balance on each debt during the application process. The soft credit pull has no impact on your credit score.

Once you settle on acquiring our services on debt settlement process will open a separate savings account. Then, instead of paying your creditors, you make a monthly deposit to this account. National Payday Loan Relief determines your monthly payment level. Halting payment to your creditors translates to accruing interests and late fees tumbling your credit score.

Experts At Negotiating

Payday Loan Relief then negotiates with your creditors for them to accept a lesser amount than what you owe them. Since you no longer pay the creditor, they will likely accept a reduced amount than risking zero payment.

After reaching an agreement, you will pay the creditor from the savings account. You can choose to do the installment payment or pay a lump sum. The first settlement usually happens between three to six months. 

  • Cost: We collect a fee when the debt is settled. Our fee varies between 15-25 percent of your enrolled debt.
  • Savings: Our clients realize about 30% savings inclusive of the fees. However, this applies to customers who stick to the program until settling the debt. Although most clients who enroll in the program finish it, others drop out for many reasons, including the incapability to save sufficient money for settling debts.
  • Timeframe: Most of our customers complete their settlement program within two to four years.

Risks Of Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement has serious risks and costs, including:

  • Creditors and debt collectors may still be on your neck: There’s no surety that the creditors will want to work with us. You may be contacted or even sued by the collectors.
  • The forgiven debt may attract taxation: Forgiven debts may be considered as income on your taxes.
  • Fees and interest continue to pile: Once you enter a debt settlement program, your account will be in arrears, resulting in more interest and late fees.

Why Choose Our Payday Loan Relief Program

Thousands of customers have used our payday loan relief to consolidate their payday loans or make debt payments when they can afford after payday. Our top priority is to get you out of debt with the most comfortable experience.

Why choose National Payday Loan Relief? We have the best-trained professionals that will give you a suitable financial plan to help you pay off your debts with so much relief. Payday loans are a monster. However, several payday loan consolidation and payday loan relief programs help you overcome the vicious debt cycle. Payday loan relief strives to assist you in getting all your debts paid and improve your financial freedom. The payday loan relief program helps you clear your outstanding debts by availing several plans. There’s no standard plan when it comes to payday loan relief.

Contact NATIONAL PAYDAY RELIEF for your personalized financial plan to effortlessly get you out of payday loans.

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